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CFM+ Air Intake Manifold 1998.5-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins

Your Price: $369.00
Manufacturer: CFM+
Manufacturer Part No: 10-002-307
All 3 ports pre-drilled and tapped with plugs installed.This part number is for the 98.5-02 Dodge Cummins 5.9L engine and comes with angled boost hose, installation manual, and all required hardware for installation. Regardless of which tuner, air filter, exhaust system or aftermarket intake you may already have, you need to dramatically increase your air flow and provide your engine with cooler air. Lower EGTs, more power, and better fuel economy are all benefits of using a CFM Plus Intake Manifold. CFM+ intakes are designed using proven engineering principles and the results are confirmed with bench flow testing. The primary function of an aftermarket intake manifold is to flow more air to the engine. Our CFM+ intakes flow at a rate more than 40% higher than stock and between 15% and 25% higher than competitive aftermarket intake manifolds. Testing shows the results from bench flow testing using our Cummins 5.9L intake versus stock and competitive aftermarket products. More air means better economy, more power, lower EGT’s better throttle response and less work for your turbo. CFM Plus intakes are the most advanced aftermarket intake manifold produced in the world! Using our patented state of the art technology combined with superior engineered composite materials we are able to produce an intake manifolds with unique benefits. Our unique and patented manufacturing technology produces a single piece hollow structure with a smooth unrestricted airflow path. The advanced engineered composite material allows for our intakes to be structurally strong and able to handle the durability requirements of your diesel engine. And as equally important, the composite material keeps your cooled intercooler air cool by insulating it from under the hood engine heat. Diesel engines thrive on cooler air and only our intakes can deliver it! By using the high temperature composite material our CFM Plus intakes act as an insulator from under the hood and engine heat. A cast aluminum intake acts as a conductor and transfers heat into the air flow at a rate of 900 times greater than our composite material This intake is also available in White, Silver, Carbon fiber style, and Red.

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